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Association Membership

Neighbors and Friends

Neighbors Susanne, Anna Lu, and Eileen show off our neighborhood signs. 
Membership in the Monte D'oro Neighborhood Association

Any resident of the Monte D’Oro subdivision is welcome and encouraged to become a member of the Monte D’Oro Neighborhood Association. 

Dues are $30 annually and due before August 1. 

The value of membership:

1. Maintain entrances to our neighborhood

2. Maintain our custom street signs (new poles and banners this year)

3. Organize monthly meetings with informative programs

4. Coordinate an annual Ice Cream Social, Fall Festival, and Christmas Party

5. Provide neighborhood Christmas decorations

6. Emphasize to all neighbors the importance of property upkeep

7. Support school activities

8. Maintain strong relationships with the city of Hoover officials

9. Promote communication among neighbors via email, Facebook, www.montedoro.org, and calling tree

10. Promote our neighborhood and its historical status

11. Support an active neighborhood watch

Association Meetings

Association meetings occur every 2nd Thursday of the month September through May. Please see the Meeting & Events page for details. 

Members will receive notification of meeting dates, times, and locations as well as a member booklet & directory. 

Active members may also vote on all business brought before the Association.

Meeting agendas include interesting programs, local speakers, a review of neighborhood business, or issues and (always) delicious refreshments. 

It is also a great way to meet your neighbors and join in the neighborhood fun.


The Mayor of Hoover visits us annually to discuss city and community issues, 


To become a member,  please pay $30 made payable to Monte D’Oro Neighborhood Association to Frances Thompson, Treasurer, 3320 Monte D'Oro Drive.  

We also maintain an active Facebook group

To learn more about the leadership of the Monte D'Oro Neighborhood Association, please visit Association Officers