Letter to New Neighbors


Welcome to Monte D’ Oro


Dear New Neighbor (if you are an old neighbor who’s receiving this, then someone is trying to tell you something),


We are so happy chosen to live in Monte D’ Oro. You will find that it is a beautiful neighborhood with friendly neighbors. The neighborhood has many amenities. We are close to everything, have mature trees and Georgetown Lake Park is just steps away.


As Beautification Chairman for the Monte D’ Oro Neighborhood Association, I am dedicated to seeing that our entrances(front and rear) are kept groomed and that all neighbors are aware of actions they can take to keep our neighborhood beautiful and also be considerate of other neighbors. We do not have covenants to help enforce upkeep of properties, therefore it is hoped that everyone will voluntarily contribute to the overall image of our neighborhood. These things will also enhance property values for all of us, not to mention, it is just common sense.


1) The city of Hoover has ordinances about business vehicles or broken down vehicles that are a nuisance. Please limit or do not have business vehicles parked at your home. Inoperable vehicles must be stored in the garage, not the driveway. Please do not park vehicles in your yard for extended periods of time or park for sale vehicles in your yard. (It’s really tacky folks and your neighbors get grumpy)

2) Do not place discarded items such as appliances, toilets, chairs, sofas, etc. on the street indefinitely waiting to be picked up. Take it to the dump or call the city of Hoover for instructions. (Sorry I even have to mention that- but it has happened).

3) Garbage Pickup- Tuesday and Friday Garbage cans should be rolled out to your mailbox area on the day of pickup. After pickup, cans should be stored out of sight from the street

4) Limbs and Brush- Should be placed beside the road (notice I didn’t say in the road) and call Arrow Waste or the City of Hoover for pickup.

5) Leaf Pickup- Just wait- Monte D’ Oro looks like an autumn wonderland! Downside is that all of those leaves have to be raked up. There are four scheduled days in the fall and winter for the vacuum truck in our neighborhood. Watch for the notice from the city with listed dates. You may also bag the leaves and the Arrow guys will pick them up. As a reminder, if they are left on the street too long, you will probably have to rake them out of your neighbors’ yard.

6) Paper/Recycle Pickup- Wednesdays. This is paper, cardboard, magazines, phone books and #1 and # 2 plastics (The number is on the bottom of the container inside a little triangle. Milk jugs are an example.)


The Beautification Committee also selects Beautification Award each month (Yard of the Month). Your yard doesn’t have to be a botanical garden- just neat and well groomed.


I know that you are going to love living here. Call me or email me if you need help. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find someone who does.


I look forward to meeting you,


Eileen Lewis