How to Report a Traffic Violation

Hello everyone,    


     If you observe someone commit a traffic violation, such as running
a stop sign, I ask that you provide the information listed below in an
e-mail to me.

1.  Your name.

2.  Contact phone number.

3.  Date and approximate time of violation.

4.  Location of violation.

5.  Vehicle tag number and description of vehicle.

6.  Description of driver.

7.  Details of the violation.

     After you provide this information to me, I will contact you to
obtain additional details regarding the offense.  I will then make
contact with the registered owner of the vehicle by telephone and inform
them of the complaint.  If the registered owner was driving the vehicle
at the time of the offense, I will inform them that their tag number and
license number have been entered in the Hoover PD Dispatch system as
being the subject of a traffic violation complaint and that a verbal
warning was given.  If the registered owner wasn't driving the vehicle,
I will encourage them to tell me who was driving so that I may properly
warn the driver.  If I am unable to make contact by telephone, the next
step will be direct contact or certified mail.  I will then inform you
if I was able to make contact to issue the warning.  In the interest of confidentiality, at no time will I reveal your information to the person you file the complaint against, and I will not inform you of the identity of the person complained on.  I have had good success using this tactic over the years and look forward to hearing from you.

Take care, 
Officer Brian Foreman