Yard of the Month

The Beautification Committee is a standing committee of the Monte D’ Oro Neighborhood Association. It is responsible for entrance maintenance, Christmas decorations and the awarding of Yard of the Month. Occasionally there are special events such as a fall decorating competition.

As Monte D’ Oro was developed before neighborhood covenants became standard for many Hoover subdivisions, we rely on the efforts of each neighbor to keep their individual properties attractive and maintained.

The neighborhood takes particular pride in the mature trees that over arch our streets and walking access to nearby Georgetown Lake Park.

While we do not have covenants to help enforce upkeep of properties, it is hoped that everyone will voluntarily contribute to the overall image of our neighborhood. These things will also enhance property values for all of us and is considerate of our other neighbors.

Please remember that the city of Hoover has ordinances about business vehicles or broken down vehicles that are a nuisance. Please limit or do not have business vehicles parked at your home. Inoperable vehicles must be stored in the garage, not the driveway. Please do not park vehicles in your yard for extended periods of time or park for sale vehicles in your yard.

Yard of the Month Info

The Beautification Committee gives this award monthly to the home that demonstrates the best effort to keep the home and landscape neat manicured and attractive. The winning household will receive the beautification award sign placed in their yard for a period of one month. Judging occurs the first week of each month.

Criteria for judging:

  1. Yard has even sod with no bare spots or weeds

  2. Well-groomed shrubs

  3. Street gutters in front of home are free of debris

  4. Natural areas are void of weeds

  5. Attractive mailbox area

  6. Garbage and recycling cans are stored out of sight